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  • Uk Exports Fall to Countries Outside EU

    It is no secret that Briatian has been looking to expand trade beyond the border of the European Union more than ever these last couple of years but this plan took quite the knock back in July when the offical figures showed a deficit alongside the rest of the world after a drop in exports.
    These figures showed that the deficit in trade was up at 2.4bn which is a huge amount and even though exports to the EU grew to cut the gap that is still a huge loss of money.
    Experts had expected a fall in the pound to boost exports around the world and with the EU but this has not happened and while it is an icrease it is a gentle one and no where near as predicted. It has also left a want for imports, despite the higher cost of them leaving a tiny improvement in our trade position.
    It wasn't just the export industry that showed a slowing down come July, the manufacturing sector also remained quiet as did the construction industry.
    Hopefully once Brexit is all ironed out the economy can figure itself out and we can start to export and manufacture like we used to. Until then it looks like it could be a very up and down year financially.

  • How is the Exchange Rate looking post Brexit?

    Whatever you voted there is one thing that is for sure and that is that the outcome of Brexit has affected the exchange rate of the Pound against both the Dollar and the Euro. No one can say that this wouldn't of happened either way but as it stands the pound as of the end of August has declined in value by up to 3%, making it the worse it has been in the last 10 months. August also marked the fourth month in a row of decline against the Euro and aside from when it had a crash in the last week of August it hasn't been this low since the financial crisis.
    At the moment no one really knows what is happening with Brexit and negotiations are proving to be slow so the currency could preform even worse over the coming months. Financial experts seem to believe that the pound could be equal to the Euro as we enter 2018.
    Ultimately it appears the longer we are in negotiations the worse the pound could preform.

    Hopefully you have found our news part of the website useful, we always try and keep you as informed as we can about small business, financial and industrial news as we can.

  • Weather Update for the most Up and Down Summer!

    This summer has had some of the most extreme of both weather types and it looks like the beginning of September will be no different, from the scorching heat of the beginning of last week to a wet and windy back end of the week, it looks like there will be storms, floods and lots and lots of rain the coming couple of days so don't put your wellies away just yet!
    If you need help with leak diverters, flood control, spill equipment and more just get in contact with us today and we can help you with any of the weather that seems to hit this week!

  • Cabinets and Cupboards White Paper

    We've been supplying cupboards and cabinets to the UK and internationally for 17 years now and have plenty of experience on the subject. We've put together a whitepaper to help you make the right choice when looking for your next range of cabinets. If you'd like us to email you a copy of the whitepaper, then simply fill in the below form and you'll find it in your inbox in no time!

  • Spill Equipment - Great for the Environment.

    With all of the changes happening globally at the moment the environment has become one of the biggest priorities, so how can spill equipment help out in some cases?
    Do you work with oil? Either making it, digging for it or transporting it? Well then you will know more than anyone how often it spills into oceans and rivers and can affect the surrounding environment quite dramatically. Oil spill absorbents are one of the best ways to absorb these spills, they soak up the oil or fuel and repel the water, ensuring that you leave the river or sea as similar as it was before the spill as possible. These absorbents can then be disposed of in the correct way. Availablr usually in a wide range of shapes and sizes there isnt a spill these absorbents cant help out with.
    So if you are working withing the oil business somewhere remeber the environment and how oil absorbents can help you out when spills occur. A great way to clean up is second only to no spills in the first place!
    And remeber JEC has a huge range of these products available to help you when you have a spill.

  • What do the different colours stand for when it comes to Absorbents?

    If you are thinking about stocking up on spill equipment for your home or business but don't know what you need, take a look at our guide below and make sure you get the right kit for the job!

    General Purpose : A general purpose spill could be anything from water to food. They are non hazardous everyday spills and if this is the kid of thing you need to protect yourself from then the absorbents you are after are usually grey.

    Chemical : Chemical and hazardous spills can be incredibly dangerous for the surrounding environment and people and it is very important that they are cleaned up properly, the absorbents and spill kits you need for this are usually yellow so that they stand out.

    Oil and Fuel : Oil absorbents are very important expecially when the oil spills are in rivers and ocean's as they can soak up the oil and repel the water, helping the environment the spull occured to return to normal as quickly as possible. These absorbents are usually grey.

    The above is true of most places but obviously there is always products that can differ. Sometimes chemical spills are pink.
    For anyone who needs any help or advise just give us a call or an email on 01258 488398 or

  • Redditek - The Best Storage Solution for you!

    With so many office and warehouse storage solutions on the market it is often difficult to figure out which one is best for your company or home office. Here at JEC we have noticed that the Redditek brand is one of the most popular on the market.
    Redditek offer some of the best storage manufactured in the UK today and with their wide range of products it is easy to equip almost any work space. There is storage bins for small order picking and hardware stores, steel cabinets for those more industrial uses and wall panels and bins for space saving, these are perfect in smaller work places where room can be an issue.
    As well as all of the high quality products available there is a choice with a lot of the products for it to be supplied in a different colour. This is great for schools or work places that have a specific colour theme or have customers popping in so they look more professional.
    With the huge range available you can tailor the storage in your work area to how ever you want it. With work benches and cabinets.
    We are always at the end of the phone or an email away so if you need any help or information give us a call on 01258 488398 or email for any storage requirements you might have.

  • Where does my Road Salt come from?

    One of the most popular ways to ensure that your neighbourhood or drive way is safe from ice and snow, or for the council and government to make sure that all the roads are as accident free as possible is to spread road salt across the surface. The salt reacts with the ice and melts it without leaving behind a frozen, watery and slippy surface. Unlike popular belief, the salt that is used on roads is not like the salt that you would use at the dinner table, it is carved from rocks in mines and is much more of a brown colour. The mines were formed by inland seas that no longer exist, but who's salt deposits underground can still be found. Huge machines mine the salt out from under the ground where it is put on a conveyor belt and crushed ready to be bagged for you and the local authority to stop accidents by adding much needed traction to the road. The amount of salt spread over surfaces depends on the weather at the time, if there is already a build up of ice and snow much more salt will be used to melt the ice and add traction. If the bad weather had been forecast but is not yet apparent then the salt will be thinly spread across the road to stop any ice forming in the first place. You can also use this as a tip for doing your own road or driveway.
    Remember here at JEC we have a wide range of salt spreaders for both domestic and industrial use, as well as models that come with salt. It is worth mentioning that with any road salt, there can be a large delivery cost for buying it on its own and can sometimes only be provided on a pallet with a certain amount of bags on so make sure that you know what you need.
    Give us a call on 01258 488398 or email if you need any help or further information today!

  • Export and Shipping White Paper

    Here at JEC we have been exporting goods around the world since 1999 and have experience spanning way beyond that so when it comes to international and local shipments there is not a lot we don't know. If you are looking to ship your goods across the world to your customer, are in a foreign country or would like to know the best way to deliver to the next town over, we can help. Just give us a call or an email today for one to one aid. Or if you would rather give us an email and receive a copy of our export white papers. Lots of information condensed down to help you understand the shipping and export world. Including paperwork, air freight, sea freight, couriers and helpful tips on packing goods for export.
    Remember JEC is always happy to help!

  • Weather News for Winter 2016

    We all remember just how up and down last winter was, partly due to the El Nino storm that hit America and partly because of a strong westerly phase of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation. But so far this year all weather forecasts are pointing away from another winter like this.
    This year insteadwinter-dec of El Nino it is La Nina we all have to think about and alot of the long range satelites suggest that this will be in full swing by winter. The other factor to the weather this coming winter is the solar activity. Most colder winters tend to correlate with low solar activity, while this isnt proven it can give a good idea as to what the weather will be like. This winter is looking like it will be a low solar period, so if you take these two factors and look back over the years you can see what the weather could be doing. This data suggests that the early winter months will be very cold as will December. But January and Fabruary have a fairly average outlook with some sunnier days.
    The mixture of the La Nina and the low solar activity could mean snow for over the festive period.

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