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  • 3 Reasons JEC is the Supplier for you!

    Its something that every business will tell you at some point but here at JEC we believe we are the supplier for you. Here is 3 reasons why we cant be beaten :
    1. Range - our website currently has near 14000 products on it, in an organsied fashion so as not to overwhelm, but as well as this we love to help you source all the goods ypu need. Be it brooms or ice cream machines we can find it, quote it and deliver it!
    2. Knowledge - our MD has been doing this job for over 35 years and has a vast knowlegde of the export business as well as the industrial equipment one. This has over the years been taught to us and there is no where we cant ship your order and no product we wont endevour to find.
    3. Personal Touch - here at JEC we are a small family run business in Dorset and as such you can ensure you are getting our full attention with every order and that we will always be on the end of the phone to help our customers with a friendly attitude.

    So next time you need industrial equipment or export help just give us a call or email, we are always happy to help!

  • Keeping Dry this Spring

    We have only just got to March and we are already approaching F on the storm alphabet! So with all this wet and windy weather here are a few things that can help you keep your stock dry at work:
    1. Leak Diverters - these are an excellent way of ensuring your goods remain dry if you have a leak in the roof and cant get it fixed immediately. They attach to the ceiling, catch the dripping water and divert it outside. You cant really go wrong!
    2. Absorbent Pads and Socks - these are not only great at soaking up a spill or leak after it has happened but if you are expecting a flood or rising eater levels near your place of work or home you can place them all around your stock and they can soak up the water before it reaches your goods!
    3. Spillblocker Dikes - these work in a very similar way to an absorbent sock or pad and can be placed around your warehouse or garage. They are a great way of helping to prevent stock damage from drains.
    Remember JEC can help you with all of the above and more when it comes to leaks and spills so get in touch today for your free no obligation quote!

  • 3 Ways Shopping Online can Make your Life Easier

    As it is yoga is cool day today we were thinking about things that help you relax and make your life a little bit easier. When it comes to the online world one of the things the internet has done to make our lives much easier is online shopping and here are three reasons why we think its the best way to do it:
    1. Its portable : You have remembered you need something and it cannot wait, buy it there and then on your phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. As long as you have a connection to the internet or your data plan there is nothing to hold you back from purchasing that important item wherever you are to save you stress later!
    2. Quick and Easy : Especially when purchasing from websites you have purchased from before. Simply add to basket and pay, sometimes even your credit card and address are pre filled in. This can however be dangerous when it comes to spending money!
    3. New Information : Any website you order from now, whether it annoys you or not, will start to email you usually on a weekly basis, possibly even similar businesses. This means that you will always be in the loop when it comes to similar products, new information and anything else you need to know. Which may not happen when you purchase from a shop.
    Obviously on of the key benefits from shopping in an actual shop is viewing the product but with online being as advanced as it is pictures, videos and detailed information along with reviews are often available when searching for your goods.
    Remember here at JEC we have a great e-commerce website full of the latest and greatest industrial equipment for any working environment and home so have a peruse at our stock today and see how we can make your life a little bit easier today, a day for relaxation!

  • Its Raining, Its Pouring...Its Snowing?

    As we live in England it is no surprise that once again winter was pretty wet and grey, as well as this year being surprisingly mild! But as we pointed out on social media a couple of weeks ago it is snowing! Usually by February we are all getting over winter, perhaps getting down to just one jumper or braving a trip out with the kids because they might not moan about being cold 10 seconds out the door. But just like in Feb 2015 we were surprised once again by some snow. Obviosly this snow happened mostly up north as is always the way but even down in the south we were lucky enough to have a little bit of snow! When you look back over the years it has snowed in this country all the way into April so lets hope that today wasnt the only day and that maybe next time we will get some snow men out of it!
    Remember if you need any safety equipment for bad or icey weather that JEC is the place to contact. We have a huge range of grit bins, salt spreaders and shovels all ready to help you and your families and colleagues stay safe in the cold weather. Call 01258 488398 or email

  • 3 Ways to Keep Dry at Work this Spring

    There is not alot worse than when you work outside, in offices with a few buildings or schools when its raining! There are a few ways that you can keep dry, coats being the obvious but if you are looking for a more permanant solution here is three ways to keep you and your things dry over spring (and everyday because we live in England!)
    1. Walkways : walkways can be connected between building or alongside one wall of a building to create either a shelter or a tunnel allowing you to walk between buildings without getting wet. Ideal for if you have to carry large amounts of paperwork or in schools to prevent soaking wet kids!
    2. Smoking Shelters : These do not necessarily have to be used for smoking! They are ideal for creating big or small undercover areas for you to wait out large rain storms, keep things dry or duck under between offices.
    3. Cycle Shelters : These are great for keeping bikes dry on rainy days and ideal for schools but can also be used similarly to either of the above to keep you dry at work or school while ita raining.
    Dont forget here at JEC we have a huge range of all this equipment and more, including leak protectors. So give us a call today to stay dry this spring!
    01258 488398 or

  • Health & Safety Rules Surrounding Ladders and Stepladders

    Both ladders and stepladders can be the best product for low risk and short duration projects and becasue of this are a popular choice. When things are this popular it is easy to forget that they come with hazards and can be dangerous, Please see below a helpful guide on how to use your ladders and step ladders to minimise risks to you, your family or your employees.
    This is not something commonly known or thought about but some ladders require you to have specific quailifications and experience so before you or an employee uses the ladder alwasy ensure they are up to date with theirs. Another thing you should do before you start your job is to do a quick check of the ladder to ensure that it has no defects or missing parts. Here are a few areas worth checking. Always check again after any changes throughout the day as well.

    Dont overload it - stick to the weight limits and guidelines
    Always grip the ladder and use the treads - do not attempt to slide down the ladder
    Never try and extend ladders whilst you or someone else is stood on the rungs
    Avoid holding items, maybe use a tool belt or a tool tray?
    If you are using a leaning ladder always secure it, It is important you do not have a weak upper rest point

    When using a step ladder

    1. Check the Locking Bars : The ladder could collapse if the locking bars are not correct so make sure if they are bent or any fixings are bent or damaged that you do not use it.

    2. Double Check the Platform : Another major reason for a ladder to collapse is that the platform has become split or buckled. Always check your ladder before using it for any of these signs.

    3. Check the Feet and Treads : If there are any feet missing or damaged it is important that you do not use your ladder it can become wobbly and you can fall off. Also any worn feet can be a problem as they could break while you are on the ladder. The same applies for the treads on the ladder. It is also important that you do not use it if the treads are slippery or wet as you can fall off.

    4. Check the Stiles : The ladder can buckle or collapse if the stiles are bent or damaged so never use your step ladder if this is the case.

    Other things to check before using a step ladder are :
    Make sure all four stepladder feet are on the ground and level
    Never over reach or carry to many tools onto the ladder
    Ensure any locking devises are engaged
    Try to avoid any work that involves side loading

    What options do you have for securing ladders?
    Tie the ladder to a suitable point, where this is not a possibility secure with a ladder stability device
    If there is no other option than you can secure the foot of the ladder, this should always be the last resort as it is not the safest.

    It is alwasy important that you also make usre that the state of your equipment is good. You should not be using ladders with bits missing or rusty fixings.
    For any help or information please call 01258 488398 or email

  • Free Next Day Delivery this Year

    As we begin a new year all of us here at JEC want to remind you that there is a huge range of next day delivery items on our website ready for you to order. Just look for the red delivery symbol on thw image or give us a call and find out if your product qualifies for free next day delivery.
    This offer covers a selection of products from all different areas of the website and can be a great way to make your workplace safe or ready for opening at the last minute.
    Get in touch today to find out if your product qualifies?
    01258 488398 or

  • New Year, New Me, New Workplace?

    Its a new year and everyone is busy making resolutions, while most peoples are probably about eating right, exercising more or being a part of dry January. Yours might be to start your own business or re-design the one that your have.
    To do this you could create a new logo or new sign for the front of your business or redesign the entire office or warehouse with new racking, desks, chairs and storage equipment. Garages are always easy to start a fresh with, just grab some new small order picking equipment for around the outside for a fresh new look.
    Redesigning and re-stocking or starting up a business can be hard work so why make it harder than it has to be? From start to finish JEC has all the industrial, office or school furniture you could ask for. Hazardous equipment storage, spill equipment, high end storage cabinets and cupboards as well as scales, desks, signs and PPE equipment. Give us a call on 01258 488398 today to start getting your new business dream on a roll!

  • 5 Tips for Keeping Access to your Chemicals as Safe as Possible

    When it comes to storing hazardous chemicals there are so many rules and regulations, and for good reason, they can cause harm to staff and families, start fires or melt through your storage cabinets / sumps if they are not stored in the correct way. Access to your chemicals should be taken seriously and here are 5 tips to make sure yours stay as safe as possible :

    1. Restrict Access to Chemical Store : The first and most obvious point. Make sure that your chemicals are kept safe and locked behind a door or in a security cage and limit the amount of people with a key. Ensure that these people are all trained. If you are storing them at home then make sure you have the only key if there is young children around and keep a spare somewhere out of reach.
    2. Tanks and Containers in Defined Areas : One of the things I never knew about hazardous storage was that you shouldn't store different types of container together for safety reasons. Therefore clear signs and assigned areas where access is once again limited is one of the safest ways to store your chemicals.
    3. Away from Walkways : If you have any public or customer walk ways through your work area, or are storing from home quite close to the public always ensure that your chemicals are hidden, and locked away. This is for public safety.
    4. Specific Signage : Make sure that not only is your hazardous storage area well signed but with all relevant signage, including what is in there, what to do if there is a leak, if any PPE is essential and a first aid poster. This will hopefully help to keep customers, staff and family safe.
    5. Arrange Removal of Waste : Every now and again people without access will have to come and take away chemicals as they have to be disposed of in a careful and specific way. Make sure that you are in at this point, or a member of trained staff and never leave a key and a note for the driver to help themselves. This will help avoid accidents.

    If you need any help with your hazardous storage don't hesitate to give us a call on 01258 488398 or email

  • Three Top Tips for Storing your Gas Cylinders

    Safely storing gas cylinders can be a mine field of information, depending on what is inside your cylinders to how much space you have available. Here are three top tips for you hopefully to make it easier :
    1. Always know the properties of your gas : There are specific storage requirements for different types of gases so always check the bottle. Storage of liquefied or heavier than air gases should be stored with attention to any basements or ducts.
    2. Always store appropriately : Outside is usually the best option as it is well ventilated but make sure that you have a secure storage area and that they are not sitting on water. Always group cylinders as to the properties of the gas (eg Flammable or oxidant.) And lastly always vertically for safety.
    3. Never store cylinders with LPG cylinders : Both these types of cylinders are used to store different things and therefore keeping them together can result in a flammable situation. A firewall is a safe way to reduce this.

    Here at JEC we have a wide range of gas cylinder storage options and can help you with any requirement. Cant see it on our website? Give us a call on 01258 488398 or emails

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