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  • How to Cope with Stress at Work

    We all know that work can be very stressful, whether you are the boss and having to run everything or the employee who really needs to keep their job, the parent who is struggling to work and see their kids or even the person who absolutley loves their job. All areas of work can be full of stress not in the least because you need your pay cheque. We have been thinking of ways to cope with this stress and here are a few tips that we hope can help:
    1. Work out what is stressing you out! It may not be work as a general, is it someone at work? a part of your job you dont enjoy? the commute? any part of it could be the reason you are finding it so stressful, take a week to really think about it as you go about your daily life and figure out when you are the most stressed. Then you can start to change that part of your life and hopefully avoid any further upset.
    2. Relax! When you are not at work take time to yourself to relax. One of the worst things you can do when you are stressed at work is let your work stress follow you home! When you get back shut your door to it and take time to yourself.
    3. Talk to someone! This is the most important one, nothing will change unless you start making it so if you are feeling so overwhelmed and stressed in the workplace talk to your boss, supervisor or colleague. Or if you would rather a friend or family memeber. A problem shared is a problem halved the saying goes and when it comes to worry and stress this is very much the case. Also talking to your boss may immediatley eliviate some of your stress as he or she could do something about it.
    Remember to get help if you need to and never spend your life worried and stressed about work! Speak to someone.

  • 3 Products that are Ideal for the Colder Weather

    As Autumn begins i think we have all noticed the colder weather, i even had my heating on the other day! Around this time everyone is talking about halloween, Christmas, buying warmer clothes or fishing all your winter outfits out of storage not that they were there long because we live in England!) but something that not alot of people are busy sorting out is how to keep their businesses safe from the colder weather. Here is three products that we think could help you out :
    1. Outdoor Drum Storage : Whether you use it for drums or other equipment having weather proof outdoor storage through the colder months is a necessity. Stock can be ruined and cost you a lot of money.
    2. Grit Bins : Do you have a large car park or driveway up to your buisness premises? If you do having your own grit bin full of salt and grit can help you to ensure that your roads stay ice free and safe throughout autumn and winter. This is very important if you have alot of deliveries, customers or you do not want to get hurt yourself.
    3. Salt Spreaders : To help you with the salt and grit described in point 2, a salt spreader can be very useful, especially if you have a large area to cover.
    All of these products and more are available from JEC and we welcome any enquiries for things you cant find on our webiste. Sourcing is a favourite thing of ours! So this winter make sure you call us to help you get through the cold weather!
    01258 488398

  • 5 Reasons why your School should have Lockers

    It may seem like an obvious product for a school to have but lockers are on of the most essential and here is three reasons why we at JEC think that lockers are something you need:
    1. Say Bye to Forgetful Students : What better way to ensure students always have their text books than to give them a locker each to store them in.
    2. Back Problems : It is a well a well known fact that rucksacks and tote bags can give kids a bad back later in life and in some cases more serious injuries. Lockers provide students somewhere to keep all of their heavy items without having to carry them around everywhere.
    3. Personal Space : as well as giving student somewhere to store their things it gives them a much needed perosnal space at school to decorate and make their own. This can be great for particularly anxious students who have struggled with school.
    4. Spread School Colours : Lockers nowadays come in all sorts of colours and a great way to make sure your school looks smart is to get your lockers supplied in your schools colours. This way the entire school is uniform and looks well presented.
    5. Large Amount of Storage for Minimum Cost : Lockers can provide every student and teacher with a personal space for their things, save thier backs and make your school look good for a fraction of the cost of other items used in the same way. They are quite a cheap way of making sure that your storage needs are met.
    Here at JEC we can help you with all of your locker needs and whether you are in the UK or not get them delivered to you in a timely and inexpensive manor. Give us a call today for your lockers!
    01258 488398

  • 3 Products you should have when Winter is Coming!

    As the end of September approaches and Autumn is on the way we can all start to look forward to toasty fires, pumpkin carving, santa and maybe snow, and while these are all the best bits about the colder weather approcahing there is some things that can be not as fun like snow storms, icey roads and having to grit your driveway! That is why we have made thi slist of three things that we think are necessary to have around your home or buisness for when the winter weather sets in:
    1. Grit Bins - These are probably the most important item to have about your home or business incase of icey weather. It is well known that when ice covers the road that one of the things most effective at removing it is salt and grit so if you have a large outside space prone to ice than having your own stock of grit ready to deal with the problem means much less stress. It also means that you may not end up without or panicing at the shops. Grit bins can come in all sorts of sizes so whether yours is a big or small area its always a good idea to get one.
    2. Salt Spreaders - Do you havwe to cover a large area of driveway, road or car park? Then a salt spreader can be much faster than doing it by hand and can also mean a much more even coverage. Whether you want an industrial sized ride on one for huge outdoor areas or roads or a little push along one for a driveway at home they can be a key product in helping you stay safe over the winter.
    3. Shovels - Probably one of the more obvious and simple items but a good old fashioned shovel can be one of the best items to have when its snowing ouside and can always be a fab way of getting the kids to earn a bit of pocket money!
    Dont forget to always stay safe in the snow and ice and never use these products irresponsibly. JEC can help with all these and more, including grit and salt, wheel chains and de-icer. Give us a call today to see how we can get you through the winter season. You can never be to prepared!
    01258 488398

  • 3 Reasons Leak Diverters are the Ideal Product for your UK Business

    If you live or work in the UK even just some of the year, you will know just how wet it is! With 33.7 inches on average falling every year that is a lot of water to help keep your stock, business, home and self dry from. Here at JEc we would recommend a leak diverter for a business and here is 3 reasons why :
    1. Keep your valuables dry - If you have a leak in your warehouse as the rainy weather approaches and its going to cost a lot to fix a rain diverter can really help keep your stock dry. They collect the rain and divert them to your chosen area, avoiding your products becoming wet, which if you sell catalogues or other perishable items can be a real life saver!
    2. Help save you money - Not only would you have the cost of replacing the stock lost to the leak in your building but the cost of fixing the building itself. This way, yes the building will have to be fixed at some point but you avoid angry customers waiting for their products and the cost of buying more stock.
    3. Reusable - Leak diverters can be used over and over again so if your leak is not a serious one you can get them out every time its really raining to keep your products dry and then pack them neatly away again ready for next time. Also anything reusable is great for the environment so why wouldn't you pick yours up today?
    Here at JEC we can help with all of these products and more when it comes to leaks and spills. It is one of our key areas. So give us a call on 01258 488398 or email today for any help you may need with leaks and spills.

  • 3 Industrial Products Ideal for Back to School

    When it comes to back to school it is not just the students that are having to get ready, lots of work can go into keeping a school up to date and ready for the kid to return and there is alot of equipment needed for this to work. Here is a list of 3 industrial products that we don't think schools could do without:
    1. Lockers - Storage is a necessity in many businesses, colleges and homes so it is no surprise that it is top of the list here. Not only will teachers need space to store things in their classrooms but students can really benefit from a locker to themselves to decorate how they see fit and to use as their personal home from home. They can also play a huge role in the students not getting back problems as they do not need to be dragging all of their things around all day. With the huge range available nowadays it can be hard to choose, but new and secure lockers are a must for any school. Don't forget to make sure they match the schools colours!
    2. Bins - Whether for litter on the playground or more industrial waste in a graphics classroom bins are another essential at school. Dont forget that some kids do not want to put their litter in a bin and so to help curb litter problems at school there is themed bins available in all sorts of designs and colours. Prespective parents do not want to be shown around a messy school so litter bins are a must!
    3. Filing Cabinets / Paper Storage - If you have ever been to a school )which is more than likely!) you will know just how much paperwork there is, as well as all of the kids work that needs storing so big industrial filing cabinets, paper storage for A3 and A4 as well as drying racks and cabinets are all essentials for schools now!
    Here at JEC we can help with all of these products and more if you give us a call we can be there for your school today! 01258 488398

  • 3 Reasons JEC is the Supplier for you!

    Its something that every business will tell you at some point but here at JEC we believe we are the supplier for you. Here is 3 reasons why we cant be beaten :
    1. Range - our website currently has near 14000 products on it, in an organsied fashion so as not to overwhelm, but as well as this we love to help you source all the goods ypu need. Be it brooms or ice cream machines we can find it, quote it and deliver it!
    2. Knowledge - our MD has been doing this job for over 35 years and has a vast knowlegde of the export business as well as the industrial equipment one. This has over the years been taught to us and there is no where we cant ship your order and no product we wont endevour to find.
    3. Personal Touch - here at JEC we are a small family run business in Dorset and as such you can ensure you are getting our full attention with every order and that we will always be on the end of the phone to help our customers with a friendly attitude.

    So next time you need industrial equipment or export help just give us a call or email, we are always happy to help!

  • Keeping Dry this Spring

    We have only just got to March and we are already approaching F on the storm alphabet! So with all this wet and windy weather here are a few things that can help you keep your stock dry at work:
    1. Leak Diverters - these are an excellent way of ensuring your goods remain dry if you have a leak in the roof and cant get it fixed immediately. They attach to the ceiling, catch the dripping water and divert it outside. You cant really go wrong!
    2. Absorbent Pads and Socks - these are not only great at soaking up a spill or leak after it has happened but if you are expecting a flood or rising eater levels near your place of work or home you can place them all around your stock and they can soak up the water before it reaches your goods!
    3. Spillblocker Dikes - these work in a very similar way to an absorbent sock or pad and can be placed around your warehouse or garage. They are a great way of helping to prevent stock damage from drains.
    Remember JEC can help you with all of the above and more when it comes to leaks and spills so get in touch today for your free no obligation quote!

  • 3 Ways Shopping Online can Make your Life Easier

    As it is yoga is cool day today we were thinking about things that help you relax and make your life a little bit easier. When it comes to the online world one of the things the internet has done to make our lives much easier is online shopping and here are three reasons why we think its the best way to do it:
    1. Its portable : You have remembered you need something and it cannot wait, buy it there and then on your phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. As long as you have a connection to the internet or your data plan there is nothing to hold you back from purchasing that important item wherever you are to save you stress later!
    2. Quick and Easy : Especially when purchasing from websites you have purchased from before. Simply add to basket and pay, sometimes even your credit card and address are pre filled in. This can however be dangerous when it comes to spending money!
    3. New Information : Any website you order from now, whether it annoys you or not, will start to email you usually on a weekly basis, possibly even similar businesses. This means that you will always be in the loop when it comes to similar products, new information and anything else you need to know. Which may not happen when you purchase from a shop.
    Obviously on of the key benefits from shopping in an actual shop is viewing the product but with online being as advanced as it is pictures, videos and detailed information along with reviews are often available when searching for your goods.
    Remember here at JEC we have a great e-commerce website full of the latest and greatest industrial equipment for any working environment and home so have a peruse at our stock today and see how we can make your life a little bit easier today, a day for relaxation!

  • Its Raining, Its Pouring...Its Snowing?

    As we live in England it is no surprise that once again winter was pretty wet and grey, as well as this year being surprisingly mild! But as we pointed out on social media a couple of weeks ago it is snowing! Usually by February we are all getting over winter, perhaps getting down to just one jumper or braving a trip out with the kids because they might not moan about being cold 10 seconds out the door. But just like in Feb 2015 we were surprised once again by some snow. Obviosly this snow happened mostly up north as is always the way but even down in the south we were lucky enough to have a little bit of snow! When you look back over the years it has snowed in this country all the way into April so lets hope that today wasnt the only day and that maybe next time we will get some snow men out of it!
    Remember if you need any safety equipment for bad or icey weather that JEC is the place to contact. We have a huge range of grit bins, salt spreaders and shovels all ready to help you and your families and colleagues stay safe in the cold weather. Call 01258 488398 or email

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