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The JEC Team's Blog

The JEC Team share their advise and opinions to help you make the best choice when purchasing your industrial equipment

  • New Website on its Way!

    If you have been wondering about what has been going on here at JEC over the last few months, we have all been working very hard to get the new website up and ready for you all. We are all very excited about the new site and we hope that you will be too.
    We have tried to keep as many of the products as possible, especially the more popular ranges and made sure the website has remained as informative as ever.
    We look forward to launching the new site soon and helping you with all your industrial equipment requirements.
    New Webiste

  • New Products Available at JEC

    Here at JEC we pride ourselves on being able to offer you a wide range of industrial and office equipment and that means that sometimes new brands are added to our site. We dont want you to get left behind so here are a couple of the new additions to look out for...

    Plastex - Plastex is a UK based company manufacturing leading edge products that meet legislative, safety and performance criteria. They have over 50 years experience in the health and safery industry and have since built machinery capable of producing matting with all the top level specifications. We have recently added a range of their excellent matting to our website, take a look and see what a quality product it is!

    Dynamic Office Solutions - Dynamic is one of the UK's leading office solutions manufacturers and designers. They have one of the largest portfolios of office seating, storage, furniture and accessories. All Quality products and available in their own shop by brand section of our website! Take a look today

    We always strive to make sure we are bringing you the most recent and highest quality products that we can! Cant see something on our site, give us a call. With over 30 years experience in sourcing we can help you get the product you need. Call us on 01258 488398 or email today!

  • New Year, New You, New Business?? How JEC can Help.

    Its a brand new year and that is when everyone starts making their new years resolutions. If you are good you have still stuck to yours! It the 15the today and I know that I have still snuck a few sweets into my healthy eating resolution. While most of us are thinking about diet and excersise, possibly working toward a short term goal like a marathon or a charity sponsered event some of you might have more long term goals for 2018 and they may include a new business venture! When setting up a business you not only need all of the legal things like tax codes and registered addresses, accounts departments and websites. You also need the furniture and warehouse equipment depending on the nature of your business.
    Some of the more important items such as desks, chairs, meeting room furniture and warehouse equipment like pallet trucks, fork lifts and racking can be a mine field of different companies and websites, lots of seperate purchase orders and chasing up. Here at JEC we can help you because we sell all of that kind of equipment! One simple purchase order to get your business kick started and furnished ready for your 2018 resolution. Give us a call or email today and see how we can help you!
    01258 488398

  • Bott Verso - What you need to know!

    Bott is one of the manufacturers we have been distributing the longest and is one of our most popular brands. Their main two types of storage equipment are the Cubio and Verso range. It has recently been bought to our attention that the Verso range has had a change and we are here to make sure you stay updated when shopping on our website.
    The first thing to make a change for 2017 is that the widths of the cabinets have changed to fall in line with the similar and popular Cubio range and the weight capacities in the drawers and on the shelves have increased from 50Kg to 60Kg.
    If you need any more information on this change please feel free to get in touch and we can help you to choose the best cabinet or cupboard for the job. We are available on 01258 488398 or

  • What are the Best Products for Winter?

    Winter is well and truely here, it is absolutley freezing outside and its finally suppose to snow at some point, which we have all been waiting for i'm sure! But if you are running a business you may be thinking to yourself "How am i going to keep everyone safe this year?" or "What will i do if outside freezes over?" Well here at JEC we have the answers to those problems and here is a list of the 3 products we would reccomend you have this year to help keep the ice and snow at bay and yourself, your family and your employees safe.

    1. Grit Bins : Lots of people think that there is a grit bin somehwere near by to them and if the frost comes in over night that they will be able to get to one easily, this isnt always true. Sometimes they are quite far away from where you are and may involve a dangerous walk or drive to them. If you have your own grit bin stocked with salt and grit you know that your business is going to be safe whenever the ice hits.

    2. Salt Spreaders : If you have an area of land to cover that is quite big it is much easier and faster to do it with a spreader than by hand. You can have one that you push along or one that you drive if you have a huge area to cover. Another little bonus of a spreader is that the ones that you ride on are probably pretty fun!

    3. Shovels : Not as fun a way to clear areas of ice and snow but a shovel is good for the smaller areas or the budget concious. You can get them big or small and they are easy to store, easy to use and providing you buy a quality one will last a few winters.

    Here at JEC we can help you with all of these products and more. If you have need for a more industrial solution we even have a range of snow blowers. Give us a call today and start feeling safer in the ice this winter. 01258 488398 or

  • UK Employment Not as Bad as Everytone Thinks

    Pre and post Brexit most of the UK's biggest fear was the job market. Will there be enough jobs? Will i have a job? and with the uncertainty never really leaving and alot of people still struggling to find work it has been shown that the last quarter the nation actually witnessed a job boom! There has been a huge 12.2% increase in advertised job vacancies which is a massive change from last years figures. The North and Scotland are still proving to be much better for the employed than the southern parts of the UK but the larger cities such as London are catching up. It seems that employees are proving to be very resilient and remaining positive in the face of an uncertain economic future. Not only has employment gone up but also salaries, which is always good news. Hopefully with all of this positive energy and change in the UK's job market the future will not be as hard as predicted.

  • 5 Tips to Create a Happy Office

    JEC is a small business where it is perhaps easier to do all of these things and maybe that is why we are all always so happy to come to work but in larger companies where people can perhaps feel under appreciated or ignored here are 5 tips to try and make your office a happier place and in turn you!

    1. Never be afraid to say No! : Nothing can make your life at work harder than feeling like you cannot say no to requests by peers, colleagues or managers. While we are not suggesting you say you will not do your work perhaps occasionally saying no to the extra load or jobs that do not fit you job description can free up a little of your time and make you less stressed.

    2. Boundaries : It is very important that you know that your office friends are not necessarily your home friends and family and therefore perhaps should not be treated as such. Always be friendly but oversharing can make for an awkward work space.

    3. Ask for Help : If you are ever feeling like you cant do something at work never be afraid to ask for help. People tend to not communicate enough at work for many reasons but all this does is create a harder environment to work in, you will be taking home your stress and falling out with colleagues as well as possibly getting told off by managers for not completing work when a simple ask for help would have got you through. Don't take everything on on your own.

    4. Praise : This one is especially for boss's and superiors, It is always a good thing to say well done or recognize an achievement a colleague or employee has made. If there is one thing that keeps a business going its happy staff that care about what they do and them feeling like they are making a difference or doing well can go a long way!

    5. Cups of Tea : This point is more of a joke but here at JEC we have many cups of tea to get us through the day! Its nice to have a chat and a cuppa, get to know your colleagues or relax for 10 minutes. Even if you are having your cuppa over your computer while you quickly type important emails.

    What works in some offices and workplaces may not work for everyone else so this may not be what you need, you also might think that these are very obvious things that should be happening anyway! Either way we hope that you are all happy at work and that at least one of these bullet points has given you something to think about.

  • 5 Tips for a Successful Family Run Business

    JEC was established in 1999 meaning that in May we will have been going for 19 years! Because of this we wee thinking about whether its better or worse being a family run company and what top tips we would give to others before startingtheir own family run businesses. Here are 5 things we feel are important :

    1. Responsibilities should be divided : One of the first things that should be made clear is everybodies individual role in the business. Family run companies can have more tension in them because you are all seeing eachother outside of and inside work and people can try and tell others what they should be doing and step on their toes. When these arguements can be taken home from the office so easilly it is best to make sure that everybody knows their own role.

    2. Fair Treatment : Small and new businesses can often benefit from the hard work of family members but be sure to treat all employees the same if you also have employees that are not part of your home life. It can be difficult to see family and friends as employees but it can start lot of arguements in work if one side feel like they are being treated differently to the other.

    3. Boundaries : Often when a family works together it becomes all they can talk about outside of the office as well. It is important that you have a clear and defined home life so that you are not stressed out and to ensure that there is always more than work happenign in your life. Especailly since family buisnesses tend to mean alot more to employees because they are their own.

    4. Job Titles : Always ensure that employees are aware of who is in charge and who is not, also which jobs belong to which people. If this doesnt happen sometimes more confident members of staff can take it upon themselvesto reprimand others and this can lead to workplace problems.

    5. Dont be Afraid to Ask for Help : It can sometimes be that if all of your employees are family members your judgement and ideas can be clouded by whatever is already happening or relationships of the staff. Seeking some outside help is never a bad thing and can help you boost your business with some fresh ideas. It does not make your business any less family orientated.

    While alot of people say no, we think that a family based business is no bad thing and can strenghten friendships and produce hard working employees.

  • What to do when there is a Burn Emergency

    With Bonfire night and Halloween coming up, closely followed by Christmas and New Year, there will be alot of fireworks going off everywhere! With that in mind we thought we would write a little list of things to do in the case of a burn or injury as well as what products it is useful to keep around you (especially if you are hosting the celebrations or launching the fireworks!)
    1. Keep Calm : If there is an accident the best thing to do is to keep calm, it may seem like the most obvious thing to say but especially for the person injured it is the best thing to do. Use a cool and collected head to sort out what should happen next and calmly sort out the emergency
    2. Never touch the burn and cool it for a long period of time : It is well kown that burns continue to burn your skin way after contact so always make sure that you run cold water over the burn for at least 10-15 minutes after contact to ensure it will not soread and reduce the risk of scars. The obviosu bacteria on the hands is the main reason you should not touch a burn, they are an open wound.
    3. Never tear material off of a burn : If the burn has gone through clothes and they have become stuck to it, never tear them off, simply cut arounf the wound and the hospital will do the rest. Ripping the material off of the affected area can cause further harm to the patient.
    Other things to remmeber are that if the burn is large to always ring 999, they are the best people to deal with a medical emergency and to never let the peron eat or drink. If it is very serious they may need anaesthetic when they get to the hospital and this can affect that process.
    It is always a good idea to have a burns kit with you if you are going to have these kinds of celebrations, just in case of emergency. As well as access to cold water and a sand bucket. If it is a larger event (or maybe even a smaller one) it may be worth having fire extinguishers and blankets for extra safety.
    If you need any of this equipment JEC can help you, just email or call 01258 488398.
    Have a happy and safe Halloween and Bonfire Night

  • Spill Control Colour Guide

    As with most products in most sectors spill control has been colour coded for ease of use and also a worldwide understanding of what absorbent to use in which emergency. Obviously this is not 100% the case but the majority of the time these are the colours that match each type of spill product :
    1. General Purpose Spills - More often than not a general purpose spill is a grey absorbent. Any home or business could have a general spill at any time and knowing you are prepared for this can be a great comfort so look for the grey absorbents to fulfill this need.
    2. Oil and Fuel - Oil spills are probably one of the most common and also most dangerous, especially to the environment and animals. To ensure that you can respond quickly to an oil spill you need to make sure you have white abosrbents or spill kits. They may be white to show when all of the oil has been absorbed, i certainly would find this helpful. These absorbents are also clever because they will absorb oil and repel water so if you are dealing with an oil spill in a lake or sea they really are magic!
    3. Chemical - Most chemical absorbents are yellow in colour. This is beacause the bright yellow colour represents hazardous matrerial, as it would in any other case in the work place. You must always enusre that chemical absorbents, once used, are disposed of properly.
    We hope that you have found this useful and remember spill equipment is one of our best ranges so get in touch today on 01258 488398 or email if you would like to ask a question or purchase some new spill equipment today!

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